No Carbs Diet…I am so hungry

I have struggled with a numerous diets and workout regimes and failed over the years.

To cut to the chase ( long story about my weight will be told at another time ), for the past two weeks I have been following a No Carbs Diet. Maybe it was a very low Carbs Diet, as I do remember eating a potato wedge or a few spoons of rice/pasta when I was starving and had to prepare the family’s meals.

It is tough. I cook from scratch, most days, if not exactly daily, and I have to eat different things to the family as I want my children to eat well and not having to cut carbs like me.

And I have been running for 30 minutes daily.

Results- I am about to give up the No Carbs.
I am forever hungry. I know I eat the wrong things but I am hoping that in time I will work out the best healthy meals to eat.

I now have a chesty cough. I read that no carbs diet can lead to mucus deficiency, which leads to the inability to keep the airways clear.

I have for a long time tried to follow a healthy balanced diet, with low consumption of processed food. That is hard too, as I am always hungry and it is so easy to buy these easily available ready cooked stuff, which do taste yummy too.

Right now I need to get rid of this pounding headache, sort my cough out and back to my Healthy Eating Plans.

The upside to this has been that I have been eating an apple as a snack in the afternoon. I used to hate it, but after trying all the types of apples, I have now settled on one type, the sweet and crunchy one.
IMG_1536 1

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