To be or not to be…Fit

I struggle between ” Life is short, enjoy, have fun, eat and drink, as in do not deprieve yourself of these yummy good food ” I love a glass of red wine, and a cheesecake, and fries, and bakery cakes.

Then I go through days, when I hate how I look with my belly, chubby legs and body. I used to look tall once, even though I am petite.

So I would exercise and eat non junk for a while, then like most people, fall off the wagon every now and then, have a break and have a kit kat!

I would enjoy my wine and bakery cakes and then hate the way I look.

Today, I started running after 1 or 2 weeks break, and my body could literally not cope.

I am still on the 1 minute walk, 1 minute run for 30 minutes, and because I took the break and ate bakery cakes, chocolates and what not, I really struggled today. However, after 20 minutes of persevering I felt better and I felt the fat melting off. Haha

My story so far

I am small, so I cannot put weight on as it makes me look permanently pregnant.

I did my 30 minutes run, and just had kidney beans and 1 boiled egg. Snacking on cherries and strawberries. Easy.

I will keep track on this blog, and see how it goes.

Who knows, I might end up with a photo of mine, when I am so proud of my body.

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