So annoyed at judgemental people

This acquaintance of mine, who is not even my friend, just stopped and asked me why I went out on Sunday ( it snowed on Sunday and she found out I was stuck on the motorway for hours )

Well, I will not be explaining the reason I was out. I was out, basically because I had to, not because I fancied being stuck on the motorway. Also I live somewhere where there has been prediction of snow for the past 5-10 years and there has hardly been any.

This weekend, however, it started snowing once I was out, and that too, only about 1 inch of snow. 1 inch of snow cause so much disruption!!

So anyway, judgemental woman-everything-I-do-is right, stopped and asked why was I out on Sunday.

She did not even go to the church that day!! So why was I out in the snow!
Silly thing to do, when she did not even go to the church because of the snow!

I am so livid, even now, thinking about her and how she talks to other people on how they should discipine their child, on how we are all doing the wrong thing, and oh, she is appalled at decisions we make.

Enough said.

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