My daughter sang in the shower…for the first time …at 8 years old

Tuesday 12th December 2017

This is a big thing for me and the whole household, my daughter sang in the shower.

For all these years, as soon as I mention shower, my daughter would panic and ask if we are washing hair.

Truthfully it has been a nightmare. I do not even know when it started, as I do not recall her being that bad when she was a toddler.

She would scream her head off in the shower, and the whole neighbourhood must have been wondering what was happening.

I have explained that screaming her head off will not wash the sting off her eyes. She needs to wash her eyes with water, plenty of water. What to do, when all she wants to do is get out from the water, when she needs to wash her eyes.

All these years, months and days washing her hair has been a nightmare for us all.

Today she actually washed her hair and sang in the shower. It felt like a breakthough.

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