Life – What exactly is it that we are meant to do?

What is it that we are meant to do?
Is there a meaning to life?
Are we meant to find the one big thing, that will set us free, that will complete us?

Lately I have been questioning everything. I feel there is an expiry date on the things I want to do. But what is it I want to do exactly, that is the question.

Right at the moment, I am a happy, proud mum of 2 children. I absolutely love being their mum, and I could not live my life without them. And I also put them first before everything else.

However, the big BUT… I feel I want to do something else too, something for me, something to immortalise me ( yes, a few months ago, I actually realised I was immortal and I started feeling in a rush to achieve everything I set to do )

I am still in search of that something that is somehow missing. Or am I searching too deep?

Maybe it is simply the little things that matter.

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