Another year ending soon

Last year my neighbour invited me for drinks over the Christmas period. And I told her that I am renovating my house and would surely invite her over the following year at mine, for drinks.

Today she posted in a card, inviting me for drinks next week.

So one year has gone by and I have not even touched my house!

Her card and invite made me realise that one year has gone by. It shows how a lot of us take things for granted, take time for granted.

I feel so terrible, feeling I have achieved nothing.

I guess I am not inviting anyone over yet!

I am resolved to change that. This is me new updated list of things to do, most of which have been copied from last year, from month to month.

Note to self
This list should be ticked by this time next year.
By the way I love making lists, and I love even more when I tick something off, which is very rare nowadays.

Only a few of the pending things I have been dragging with me for months and months, if not for years and years…

1. Paint the house.
2. Change flooring/carpet.
3. Buy flowers for front of house.
4. Sort my desk out/ buy new bookshelves.
5. Book Italy trip for next holiday.
6. Sort healthy eating plan.
7. Run everyday.
8. Do more things.
9. Number 1 should have been – visit Oxford Street by the end of December. Watch this space, I should post lovely photos of the lights at Oxford Street soon.
10. Buy new sofa.
11. Lots of buy this and buy that. Basically revamp the whole house.
12. Go out more. Venture out for new adventures.
13. Print photos.
14. Be more myself. Do not apologise for who I am. Have more confidence. Do not be afraid to voice what I feel and think.

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